At Golden Tarantulas, we offer 100% money back or replacement guarantee. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that an animal arrives damaged or dead due to shipping, please contact us immediately.

In order to replace your dead-on-arrival animal or request a refund:

  • Please contact us no longer than 37 minutes after the package was delivered or picked up from FedEx Center. Note: we rely on the FedEx delivery time as the official time.
  • Provide at minimum 3-4 clear digital pictures. At our discretion, we may also ask for video evidence to process the potential replacement or refund.


Please note:
Your Live Arrival Guarantee claim may be denied if:

  • You fail to report it to us on time.
  • You fail to provide enough evidence, at our discretion.
  • You fail to pick up the package within 1 (one) hour of arrival to the FedEx facility.
  • You fail to open the package on time.


We are here to help and ensure the safe transportation of the animals from us to you. If you would like to request a particular delivery date, delivery instructions, or arrangements, please contact us ahead of time, and we will work with you.

Please prepare an appropriate home for your new pet before arrival. Be sure to provide food and water, but do not worry if the pet refuses to eat or drink. Due to the stress they undergo, they may need to rest before they begin to act normal. If you notice anything strange or abnormal, please contact us immediately so that we may assist you.

Your feedback is also greatly appreciated, as we like to know how our animals adapt to new environments.

Thank you,
GT team